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"This family makes me want to murder people."
Niklaus Mikaelson

Niklaus Mikaelson is the original vampire-werewolf hybrid. He is the biological son of Ansel Aumont and Esther Mikaelson, being born though their affair with one another, and is the stepson of Esther's husband, Mikael Agnarsson.

He is the father of both Hope Mikaelson and Grace O'Connell-Mikaelson. He is also the husband of Camille O'Connell, who is Grace's mother and Hope's step-mother.

He is the maternal younger half-brother of Freya, Finn, and Elijah Mikaelson; the maternal older half-brother of Kol, Rebekah, and Henrik Mikaelson; and the paternal older half-brother of Lily Anseldottir. And through his siblings marriages, he is the brother-in-law of Keelin Malraux, Sage Benedici, Dianna Olsen-Labonair, Davina Claire, and Athina Olsen-Labonair. He is also both the adoptive father and brother-in-law to Marcel Gerard.

He is the uncle of Freya and Mathias' son, Matthew Mikaelson-Malraux; Freya and Keelin's daughter, Eden Griffith-Malraux; Elijah and Dianna's daughter, Olympia Mikaelson; Kol and Davina's daughter, Vivienne Claire-Mikaelson; and Rebekah and Marcel's son, Nikolaus Mikaelson. He is also the uncle of Elijah and Dianna's adoptive daughter, Saga Mikaelssen.

Also due to his brother-in-law, Marcel Gerard, also being his adotive son; he is the adoptive grandfather of Davina Claire, Joshua Rosza, and Nikolaus Mikaelson and the adoptive great-grandfather of Vivienne Claire-Mikaelson.

Klaus is a member of the Aumont Family, the Hagen Family, and the Mikaelson Family. He also has ties to the Labonair Family through his daughter, Hope and the O'Connell Family through his marriage and his daughter, Grace. He is by birthright, a member of the North East Atlantic Wolf Pack.


General Personality[]

As a Untriggered Werewolf-Untapped Witch Hybrid[]

As an Original Vampire[]

As the Original Hybrid[]

Powers & Abilities[]

As a hybrid, Niklaus possesses supernatural powers that surpasses vampire and werewolves alike:

  • Superhuman Strength: Klaus is strong enough to decapitate vampires, like ripping hearts out and punching heads off bodies. When going toe to toe with Marcel’s army, he's easily able to overpower them by tossing various enemies with little effort
  • Superhuman Stamina: As a hybrid Klaus has high level of stamina as many fights. He been involved in has never shown any signs of fatigue being able to combat enemies for a long period of time without needing to rest. When fighting, he uses both his vampire ability and werewolf nature that's why he doesn't get tired easily.
  • Superhuman Speed: Since the first showing of Klaus, he has been able to move faster then the human eye can see. Often at times moves as a blur, his speed allows him to be at one place to another in a matter of seconds
  • Immortality: As an Original, Klaus cannot die as he’s been able to live for thousands of years without his physical appearance changing. But this immortality does have its limits as only a white oak stake a dark object can kill him.


Niklaus stands at 5'11 which makes him the third tallest of his siblings, mere centimeters taller than Elijah whom is also 5'11. He’s rather slim but still well built and is usually depicted as slightly pale. In most of TVD and his own show he has either a stubble or beard. He’s a rugged and handsome who’s known to have a charming smirk. He seems rather meek to the human eye however he’s quite a charmer and holds immense power.